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💥 ALWAYS BE KiND! You truly never know what someone else could be going through or struggling with.  I have personally struggled with anxiety/depression.  In fact, in my darkest moments, I struggled with anxiety, which led to dark depression. It breaks my heart to see people tear each other down.  
🌟 Take the time and be kind to everyone out there. Take a second and help someone out. Don’t assume your loved ones are okay just because they don’t talk about it. Be that person everyone compliments and talks about. 
Guys…I have some awesome news! Check out these shirts that we are now selling. As we promote our shirts, we will have limited edition ones as well, so there will be several different shirts for you to choose from in the future!! 
🚨50% of the profit each month will go towards a donation for an amazing organization at the end of each month. With that being said, if there is an organization that you can think of that holds a special place in your heart, let us know! July's donations will be going to the Ronald McDonald House of Charities.
Let’s all come together and ALWAYS BE KiND. 🖤

Stay tuned for our new shirt and Koozies to release! 🥰


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